Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello friends. My name is Vince Howard. I have been working as a Chef for most of my days and have a strong passion for food and drink. Since I was young I have loved the romance that occurs around food and the gathering of family around the table. I have often said that food is one of the most romantic things that humans do. I am rethinking that old slogan. I believe that the romance is more than just food it’s the whole experience. The path that leads us to the tasty bites and the love that pushes us to find new exiting flavors and techniques. I also think that there are so many gems and well kept secrets just waiting to be discovered. With” Friend or Pho” I will share my findings from farm to table and, nose to tail. I come from the Midwest so I am still amazed every day by the food culture that I see on the west coast. While I’m finding my way around the local haunts, food trucks, farmers markets, and white table cloth eateries I will use my voice to tell the truth about these wonderful discoveries. I hope you will share these discoveries and find many details to share as well. All the timing and the flavors that I feel make the journey sweet and memorable will be included in my posts. If our time and dollars are well spent I feel that success has been achieved. Yours Truly Vince

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