Monday, August 27, 2012

Vince’s Burger Update Lets talk Hamburgers for a bit. I realize what makes a good burger is for the most part relative to the consumer. Some love the classic back yard burger with the grill flavor. Choose your grill type and method of wood or charcoal. Foodies like the smaller size with artisan cheeses and various uptown garnishes. We can dance that dance. It is my belief that this American icon and favorite of all is as simple as its quality meat and its quality bread. I am prone to make my judgments based on these two items being properly prepped and executed. A tender succulent patty whatever grind you are using, and a proper temperature. This is done through methods of cooking, resting, and patty construction. Then we have our bread, which should never be an after thought. The bun should have classic shape and lend itself to the portability of that sacred patty. How does the bun hold up, how does it absorb toppings, am I making a mess of my clothes while enjoying? These are all topics I use to determine a great hamburger. There are so many different aspects of this I am approaching from a simple perspective since chefs have been hitting this homerun for the masses a long time now. We are going to focus on the elevated hamburger. Food trends often take swings at overturning classics and redefining them with new technique. It is exiting for us to see something we loved growing up grow up with us as the American hamburger has. So where do we go to find this type of hamburger? I will most defiantly take you and your colleagues to The Tripel @ 333 Culver Blvd. Playa del Rey CA, which is the perfect spot for some “burger research” I have made my way through this diverse menu, hamburgers as well as its salads and elevated bar snacks. This little spot does several different patty to bread combos. The tripel burger is a combination of ground pork, duck confit, and angus beef. To get this little gem to a perfect Medium is tricky given the different fat contents of those proteins. They nail it. Resting the burger by half the cooking time, it comes out on its hearty yet soft brioche bun. So the soft bun perfectly cradling the juicy patty and that’s a new twist on the old favorite. The flagship burger on this menu is defiantly the lamb burger. I know everyone’s had a lamb burger but this one takes the cake. This square patty is delicately constructed with out over working the ground lamb.
It is easy to make the finished product tough by doing so. By doing the same resting as before and finishing in the oven this burger really is a work of art. Its served w mazzuna greens, cucumber and taziki . I am a lover of the burgers at Tripel but they have so many great offerings besides burgers. Fresh locally sourced ingredients and a seasonal menu are a must in this market. This pub has the best of both worlds with an exiting beer and wine list. Lots of local brews and kraft beers are found here as well as unique seasonal cocktails. This local haunt is a great casual place to take guests for drinks as well as high-end cuisine. Lots of small details you appreciate like the house made pickles and friendly yet subtle service. This place just feels like home.

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