Monday, February 6, 2012

The fatest way to a man's heart in Paris Pt. 1

Editor's note: This entry was originally written in early November, 2011. With the number of events that have taken place, including marrying Ms. Annabel Manners in a wonderfully sparse Napa Valley vino infused elopement, I've had very little time to dedicate to my blog. I'm making up for that now. Thanks, -Ed.

As we sit in our abode, both earnestly typing away on our laptops on an early Monday morning, Ms. Annabel Manners and I are recounting our epic nine-day trip to Paris through different lenses. While Paris is known as a city of romance, (full disclosure here, Ms. Annabel Manners and I got engaged while in the City of Lights, so the romance of the city is clearly not lost on me), for me it was the cuisine I fell in love with.

Dear reader, there are so many incredible things to eat in Paris! In fact, this is such an epic entry, it will be split into multiple entries, so thanks for sticking with us in advance!

Our first few days in Paris were spent attending the Pitchfork Music Festival, in a relatively suburban and uninteresting culinary location where our meals came mostly from the hotel. By our third day in the City of Lights, we had moved into a quaint little place on Rue Du Faubourge St. Honore, which as it turns out is a block from the Presidential Palace. Needless to say, our prospects for a food adventure were becoming much better!

Our first real Parisian meal was lunch at Un Zèbre à Montmartre. It was an amazing place that we ran into while wondering around in the Montmartre district. Our meal there was genuinely the first amazing meal we had in Paris. A favorite drinking establishment for locals in the the late evening, earlier in the day it serves as one of the best places in the neighborhood to grab a quick lunch. The warm Camembert, topped with honey, then served with baby greens was amazing, and a personal favorite. We also shared a prosciutto and goat cheese plate that was simple, but extremely flavorful and delicious. This was by far my favorite meal in the Montmartre.

L'as du Falafel, loosely translated in Engligh "The Ace of Falafel," has established itself as the falafel destination in Paris, and with good reason. It is, hands down, the best falafel I've ever had. Located on Rue des Rosiers in the "Pletzl" Jewish quarter of the Le Marais neighborhood, L'as du Falafel is situated in a vibrant area of open air street vendors, as well as other falafel vendors of lesser repute. To compensate, they try to lure in unsuspecting tourists in. Luckily we managed to find the real deal, and it changed our falafel lives forever!

While there were many culinary experiences we had, and as this will stretch our Parisian culinay experience into a few different entries, I simply cannot document everything here. Instead, I'll leave you with some distinct food-related photos I took during our trip. à votre santé...

(Tantalizing pastries from Laduree)

(A fabulous cheese shop in Saint-Louis)