Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello World! (I'm in the sky...)

(The amazing Pho at Absolutely Phobulous in West Hollywood)

I'm typing this entry from 40,000 feet about the ground on my way from Los Angeles to New York City. I'm traveling now for 3 reasons. 1) I am over due a trip here to see many good friends who have migrated here. 2) I'm coming here for a business opportunity, related to my consulting business. 3) Existential dilemma. Now, this third reason is something we all grapple with. Life is now. All we have is now. And a big, BIG part of being in the now is eating.

Over the past year a lot has changed for me. My father was killed in a car accident, I met an amazing woman and I quit my day job and started my own business. The most consistent part of all of these experiences? Food. Food is a part of how we seduce, of how we grieve, of how we celebrate, and of how we transition from one kind of life and into another. Food follows us into every endeavor in our lives, from the beginning to the end.

Living in Los Angeles, and traveling as much as I do, I eat some of the most of the amazing food in the world. My hope here is to share with you, not only the food, but the experience of how we eat. From street food, to 5 star dining, I'd like to reflect what I experience, and I hope in some way that reflects what you experience too.

So, why "Friend of Pho?" Outside of the obvious play on words (and before you begin to shoot off your snarky emails, I know it's pronounced "FHA") Pho has played an interesting role in my life. Growing up in Oklahoma City, I lived in a neighborhood where there was a large Vietnamese population. I was exposed to Vietnamese culture and food at a young age, and it was a formative part of my childhood. Many years later, after not really partaking in much Pho at all, I moved to Los Angeles, where my love affair with the noodle soup continued.

All of my major life changes in the past four years, everything I mentioned above, has been accompanied by Pho. It's comfort food to me. It has magical properties. Have a hangover? Pho can fix it. Have the common cold? No problem. Problems with your relationships? Well, Pho might not help that, but it will sure as hell will make you feel better.

So this is where the culinary adventure begins. Somewhere bouncing around in the sky, thinking about this beautiful soup and wondering what will happen next.

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